Train and bus station complex

My own project for a bachelor degree

So this is my graduation project for a bachelor degree in architecture. I choose a somewhat difficult subject for the project, but succeeded perfectly with this project being the best project that winter.

But I must say that this project has proved that human beings might be easily tricked to like something, only because it looks good, but it is not good at all. If you look at this layout, planning and construction decisions, you could say “Well, they looks OK to me”, but from professional point of view they are just fucking ridiculous!

Printed presentation layout

Printed presentation layout

No one ever criticized this project even a bit, everyone were just looking at vivid pictures and making complements! This was just a university project, but I know it is bad project underneath. The worst thing is, that there is a trend to just furnish utterly garbage and awful projects with fancy visualization and post-production.

I like the creative potential that CGI technologies has. But I don’t like when it is used to trick people.

Well, anyway, did you enjoyed this images? Yes? — Thanks, but be aware of visualization impact when someone will design flat or house for you =)